I have a product, and now what?

It has been a busy month with launching two new service websites with one more product based site on the way. More and more I see my clients developing into offering new services and products, which indicates that they are growing and it’s fantastic to see. But I was thinking that not everybody can afford a designer to help them out with their developing brand or product and that got me thinking of how I can help those people. So I put together a quick guide of what you can do design-wise to create an online presence for your new product.

Go online!

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? The first big step you can do to really promote your new product/service is by going online. You need an online presence for people to know about your product and to have a way to order it. Many stop at this step thinking that it will cost a fortune to create a site. And it might, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an effective online brand presence. If you have a general good idea of your marketing direction and what your brand is going to be, you can do it yourself! Just treat it as a DIY project. Chances are you will be able to create something descent at the least if not something great. I believe in you!

Choose online website building service

OK, you made the right decision of moving online, but where to begin. There are myriad of services offering website building. Let me sum up my favorites:

  1. SquareSpace is my personal top choice for designing websites. It has a great selection of templates that can fit most product/services. Templates are elegantly designed and setup in such a way that you can have your website done quickly and beautifully.

  2. Wix is another popular website building online service. Wix allows you to use a visual website builder where you treat site sections as design blocks and just position and move them around. If you have a good design sense and like to design with blocks of content then Wix is a good solution for you.

  3. Worpress is popular among bloggers. It was one of the first online blog builders that allowed to create and manage a blog. Apart from the blog portion, it also has ability to built individual pages. You can control your Worpress site design by downloading templates and then you also have access to change it with code.

  4. Shopify is great for large inventory product site. Many are big fans of its inventory services. Designing with Shopify is similar with Wix and SquareSpace but to really fine tune your site, you will need to be able to work with some code (CSS and HTML).

Keep it short and simple

When creating your first site, you might feel like you need to tell everything there is to know about you, your product or service. My advise is actually to keep it short and simple. A more minimalistic site will look more professional compared to a very busy looking site. I suggest to start with the simplest layout and imagery and then add to it based on the client interactions you might have. Let your target market help you develop your site and brand by listening to their feedback and comments.

Good luck with your new site and feel free to reach out if you have any design questions. I am here to help, just add your email address below and you will hear from me shortly.